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Name: Dayan Wheel of Wisdom,
Material: ABS green plastic,
Product categories: special-shaped Rubik's Cube,
Size: 90X90X90mm,
Weight: about 229g,
Color: black, white, color,
Stickers: color stickers,
Packing: color carton,
Applicable age: juvenile (7-14 years), youth (15-35 years).
The Cube of Wisdom is called gorgeous Rubik's Cube. The Rubik's Cube has 8 * 3 + 6 = 30 faces. It is a 6-axis Rubik's cube. The outer layer has 8 rotating nodes. That is, the outer layer can be turned to a multiple of 45 degrees, the inner layer can only be rotated by a multiple of 90 degrees. Wheel of wisdom and appearance of the big time machine S like, the rotation of the two cutting lines is not the same product information.

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