7x7 rubik's cube  77mm Shengshou

7x7 rubik's cube 77mm Shengshou | ALBACUBE

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7x7 rubik's cube  77mm Shengshou | ALBACUBE

Name: 7x7 rubik's cube  77mm Shengshou
Brand: Shengshou,
Material: Plastic ABS,
Specifications: 7.7 * 7.7 * 7.7cm,
Weight: 320G or so,
Colour: Black,white,
Stickers: high-quality pvc stickers,
Color: Default American Standard (yellow on the next white, left blue right green, before the red after the orange),
Product Introduction: Cube included with the introductory tutorial,
Applicable age: Juvenile (7-14 years), Youth (15-35 years), Middle age (36-60 years), Old age (61 years)

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