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3x3 rubik's cube 57mm Shengshou | ALBACUBE

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  • It is the most popular cube products in Amazon.
  • It is very suitable for the beginners of the Rubik's cube and it also can regularized your operation methods.
  • It is produced by the famous company Shengshou, and it can help you to get start with the English Operating Instructions.
  • It needs about 5-15days when the package be arrived at European
  • to America 5-10days
  • the other 10-20
  • We will send a 5% discount code to you after you order the products, and you can use it in the next shopping in our store.

     Name: 3x3 rubik's cube 57mm Shengshou | ALBACUBE
     Brand: Shengshou
     Material: Plastic ABS
     rubik's cube size: 5.7 * 5.7 * 5.7cm
     Weight: about 90g 
     Color: black, white
     Stickers: matte stickers (red, orange, white, green and blue)
     use age: Children and adults. rubik's cube 3x3 is not only develop the intelligence also reduce people's stress

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